Welcome to the NALS Store!

yearbooksOne of the best places to purchase books about lilies is the NALS store, where you can purchase back issues of the NALS Yearbook and other NALS publications. Orders may be placed online using a major credit card (accepted through Paypal), or you may use the printable order form and mail your order.

If you are a new lily grower, make sure you purchase “Let’s Grow Lilies”, as it includes everything you need to successfully grow lilies. It covers information about how to plant bulbs, where to plant lilies, and how to care for them. It even covers growing lilies from seed and propagating lilies. Please visit the Other Publication page for complete information.

We are pleased to be able to offer the martagon book by Eugene Fox, a superb book that all lily growers should own. Details are found on our Other Publication page.

NALS has been publishing hard-bound Yearbooks since the inception of the Society in 1947. The Yearbooks contain articles about lilium species, culture, propagation, growing from seed, hybridizing, tissue culture, pests & diseases, and much more. The articles are authored by experts from around the world, and offer the most comprehensive body of information about lilies available from any source. Owning a set of Yearbooks is perhaps the best way to become a lily expert!

The Societypubsamplesdnew has a limited number of hard-bound yearbooks for sale. Visit the Bound Yearbook page for pricing and to view the table of contents for each volume.

The Society also offers a DVD that contains digital facsimiles of the first fifty volumes of the Yearbook, with over 6,800 pages of lily information! It is a very ecomonical way to own a set of Yearbooks. Visit the Digital Yearbook page for more information.

The society also publishes a number of other publications, including the “Lily Disease Handbook”, intended to help the home gardener recognize, understand and control lily diseases, and “Showing Lilies: A Handbook for Judges and Exhibitors”, an excellent resource for those wishing to show lilies or to learn about judging and lily classification. Please visit the Other Publication page for complete information.