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Other Publications

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Lets Grow Lilies"Let's Grow Lilies" by Virginia Howie is a 48 page illustrated handbook of lily culture, covering virtually everything you need to know about growing lilies. A great book for the beginner and the more experienced grower alike. Updated 2011 edition, with new full color cover.

Please note that a copy of this book is included with a new NALS Membership.

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MartagonsNALS is pleased to offer "Martagon Lilies" by Eugene Fox. This superb 182 page book is the result of decades of growing, hybridizing and researching martagon lilies, and is the most complete reference on martagons available. It provides in-depth coverage of martagon species and hybrids, growing, hybridizing, diseases and pests, and showing. It has numerous maps and line drawings, in addition to the excellent color photos. It is a must book for all lily growers.

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Lily Disease Handbook"Lily Disease Handbook":
This is a 32 page well illustrated handbook by Edward A. McRae, intended to help the home gardener recognize, understand and control lily diseases.

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Showing Lilies“Showing Lilies: A Handbook for Judges and Exhibitors” is a 90 page manual for the judge, exhibitor and show committee, edited by Eugene Fox and Maureen Barber. This manual was completely revised in 2006, and is an excellent resource for those wishing to show lilies or to learn about judging and lily classification.

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