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NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.


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Division 9 Seed From Previous Years

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
93-111L. callosum, vigorous late blooming form5Gene MirroSOLD OUT
93-131L. davidii5Jennifer KerrySOLD OUT
93-136L. formosanum, species, big clump, 6' tall, Close Park Perennial Bed, Springfield, MO12Art Evans$1.00
93-137L. formosanum pricei7Gene Mirro$1.00
93-140L. henryi5Gene Mirro$1.00
93-141L. henryi7Jennifer Kerry$1.00
93-142L. henryi #1 HP2Paige Woodward$1.00
93-145L. henryi (Kristin) x L. henryi 1531John Lykkegaard$1.00
93-154L. lancifolium, diploid form3Gene MirroSOLD OUT
93-160L. longiflorum20John Herbst$1.00
93-162L. longiflorum 'White Heaven' x unknown L. longiflorum potted plant14Ming Ter Lin$1.00
93-163L. longiflorm potted plant x L. longiflorum cut flower17Ming Ter Lin$1.00
93-166L. martagon album9Gene MirroSOLD OUT
93-182L. pumilum16Bill Bauer$1.00
93-183L. pumilum16Darm Crook$1.00
93-186L. pumilum (orange)6Adam YakabuskieSOLD OUT
93-190L. regale4Gene Mirro$1.00
93-191L. regale album, white trumpet 4-5' tall, no purple on reverse31Rimmer de Vries$1.00
93-206L. speciosum var. rubrum2Jennifer KerrySOLD OUT
93-219L. pumilum 'Golden Gleam'4Jennifer Kerry$1.00
94-101L. amabile27Bill Bauer$2.00
94-105L. amabile x L. amabile var luteum4Forrest Peiper$2.00
94-115L. columbianum, wild collected, Hwy 101, Humboldt Co., N. of Crescent City, CA1Joe Nemmer$2.00
94-116L. concolor20Bill Bauer$2.00
94-132L. lancifolium from SLPG bulbs7John Herbst$2.00
94-147L. pumilum7Bill Bauer$2.00
94-148L. pumilum Karrlost mixed6Robert Barnard$2.00
94-149L. pumilum "Golden Gleam"22Bill Bauer$2.00
94-150L. pumilum (red/orange)14Adam Yakabuskie$2.00
94-153L. regale9Robert Barnard$2.00
94-154L. regale- alba x L. regale- alba9Rimmer de Vries$2.00
94-155L. regale- album x L. regale- album all white12Rimmer de Vries$2.00
94-156L. regale IX(b/a) 3Paige Woodward$2.00
94-157L. regale OP7Forrest Peiper$2.00
95-102L. amabile10Darm Crook$2.00
95-113L. columbianum20Paige Woodward$2.00
95-114L. columbianum HP, near Crescent City, CA, Humboldt Co. native22Michael Norberry$2.00
95-117L. dauricum4Darm CrookSOLD OUT
95-118L. dauricum [pink overlay x v. citrinum] x F17Darm Crook$2.00
95-123L. formosanum10Darm Crook$2.00
95-124L. formosanum17Calvin Helsley$2.00
95-126L. henryi "latest" (19 seeds)1Phil Adams$2.00
95-129L. henryi, or., 4' strong stem, free standing 32Jeff Stiller$2.00
95-130L. henryi, or., 5' strong stem, 30 flowers, medium leaf, later flowering42Jeff Stiller$2.00
95-131L. henryi, or., 5' strong stem, 30 flowers, narrow leaf (trumpet like)40Jeff Stiller$2.00
95-132L. henryi, or., 5' strong stem, 30 flowers, wide leaf (oriental like)37Jeff Stiller$2.00
95-133L. henryi, or., small flecking & papilliae18Jeff Stiller$2.00
95-135L. henryi, wh./yel./burgundy papilliae x L. henryi w/dk. centers9Jeff Stiller$2.00
95-145L. maculatum [v. dauricum x v. monticola] x F112Darm Crook$2.00
95-157L. pumilium #418Ole Larsen$2.00
95-159L. regale6Melvyn Herbert$2.00
95-160L. regale album36Rimmer deVries$2.00
95-162L. rosthornii, 80cm high #38Ole LarsenSOLD OUT
95-171L. amabile luteum1Jennifer KerrySOLD OUT
95-173L. amabile orange form x L. amabile luteum5Jennifer Kerry$2.00
95-175L. henryi citrinum x L. henryi3Jennifer Kerry$2.00
95-178L. speciosum v. album2Jennifer KerrySOLD OUT
95-179L. speciosum v.album x L. speciosum v. album novum3Jennifer Kerry$2.00
95-183L. speciosum bright pink form x L. speciosum v. album2Jennifer KerrySOLD OUT
95-184L. speciosum rubrum “Uchida”4Jennifer KerrySOLD OUT