Seed Exchange – Instructions

NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

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2017 Seed Ordering Procedures

Please read this section carefully. By following the instructions and suggestions given below you will have the best chance of getting the seeds you want in the shortest possible time.

1. Electronic Ordering:  Orders can now only be placed on-line through the North American Lily Societies web site, utilizing the ordering buttons and shopping cart provided..

2. Pricing. Seed is priced at $2.00 per packet for 2017 through 2014 seed. $1.00 per packet for earlier seed. 

Please note shipping charges in effect for 2017

                      US & Canada            Overseas – International
1-20 pkts         2.00                             4.00
21-40 pkts       3.00                             5.00
41+ pkts          4.00                             6.00

Prices for shipping will be calculated based on quantity of packets ordered and destination for shipment..

3. Limitations. The filling of seed orders is still on a first-come-first-serve basis, but the chance is better that the seed you desire will still be here when your order arrives. However, when there are only a few packets of seed, the earlier your order is made the better your chances.

a. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number.

b. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 Seed Packets. There is no limit on the previous year’s seed.

Abbreviations: These abbreviations are used in the list: OP = open pollinated, HP = hand pollinated, PP = protected pollination.

(Note: We have assumed that most hybridizers use some means to ensure that their intended cross is protected from previous or unintended pollinations. All of these crosses could be labeled as protected pollination. We have just omitted this designation unless we have been made aware otherwise by the donor), sdg./sdlg = seedling, IE = immediate epigeal, DE = delayed epigeal, IH =immediate hypogeal, DH = delayed hypogeal, w/ = with, OT, O/T = an Oriental/ Trumpet hybrid. Most others are basic. Enjoy this seed list!