Seed Exchange – Division 6

NALS 2016 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order! Please read all of the instructions before placing an order.

There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number for 2016 seeds.

The limit for 2016 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.

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Division 6

Pod parent
Pollen Parent
66-101[African Queen x [T9-49 x T9-6A] 201510410x20Jim AultSOLD OUT
66-102AM-07/3155-20 x AM-07/3228-313x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-103AM-07/3155-20 x CK06-HT057x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-104Amethyst Angel x (White Henryi x Pink Perfection)6x20Peggy NerdahlSOLD OUT
66-105BA Purple x BJ Purple19x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-106Blackheart crosses-mixed seed, hand pollinated7x20Peter SchiemanSOD OUT
66-107Blackheart rosthornii x Black Opal2x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-108Black Opal x Elegans9x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-109CK06-HT05 x AM-07/3155-208x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-110CK06-HT05 x AM-07/3228-312x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-111CK06-HT09 x Beautiful Victoria4x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-112CK06-HT09 x Madame Butterfly5x20Joe Nemmer$2.00
66-113CK06-HT12 x Beautiful Victoria3x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-114CK15-BH01 x AM-07/3155-202x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-115CK15-BH01 x AM-07/3228-314x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-116CK15-BH02 x AM-07/3228-313x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-117CK15-HT03 x AM-07/3228-312x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-118CK15-HT04 x AM-07/3155-202x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-119CK15-XX01 x Gold Eagle1x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-120CK15-XX02 x AM-07/3228-31 (15 seeds)2x15Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-121CK15-XX04 x AM-07/3228-31 (15 seeds)2x15Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-122CK15-XX05 x AM-07/3228-311x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-123[Copper Crown x White Henryi] x African Queen 20151295x20Jim AultSOLD OUT
66-124[CT5-10 x [Black Dragon x Lucibee hyb.] x CT5-10] 20151457x20Jim AultSOLD OUT
66-125[CT5-10] x [purple flecked aurelian x black heart] 20151957x20Jim AultSOLD OUT
66-126Early white/green/yellow x large white green aurelian (s89-113) 15-424x20Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
66-127Freda Willis like (Tropical Isle x Roy's Select) BH2x20Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
66-128Gold Eagle x AM-07/3228-315x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-129[Ice Caves x Griesbach 4N yellow trumpet] X picotee 4N trumpet 20151207x20Jim AultSOLD OUT
66-130L. henryi (improved(polyploid?)) large orange x same8x20Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
66-131L. henryi (improved(polyploid?)) large orange, free standing strong stem x same4x20Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
66-132L. henryi (improved(polyploid?)) pale orange x white pales, yellow w/dark ctrs.7x20Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
66-133L. henryi (improved(polyploid?)) yellow forms x same9x20Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
66-134L. lancifolium OP from SLPG bulbs, isolated w/nothing else in bloom14x20John Herbst$2.00
66-135(L. leucanthum x Amethyst Temple) x (T9-49 x T9-6A) 201510512x20Jim Ault$2.00
66-136(L. leucanthum x My Shadow) x BA Purple34x20Joe Nemmer$2.00
66-137(L. regale x Pink Perfection) x Amethyst Angel3x20Peggy NerdahlSOLD OUT
66-138(L. regale x Pink Perfection) x (White Henryi x Pink Perfection)1x20Peggy NerdahlSOLD OUT
66-139L. [rosthornii x henryi] x Freda Willis 20152067x20Jim AultSOLD OUT
66-140L. [rosthornii x henryi] x [Golden Sunburst x sulphureum] 20152277x20Jim Ault$2.00
66-141L. [rosthornii x henryi] x rosthornii 201523712x20Jim Ault$2.00
66-142L. rosthornii OP5x20Bill Bauer$2.00
66-143L. rosthornii 'L01/12.1' x 62-170.18x20Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
66-144Louis XIV x Betty Sturley2x20Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
66-145McLaren trumpet x (L. leucanthum x My Shadow)4x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-146McLaren trumpet x (Midnight x My Shadow)21x20Joe Nemmer$2.00
66-147(Midnight x My Shadow) x (McLaren trumpet x Pink Aurelian)21x20Joe Nemmer$2.00
66-148(Ortega x gold tetra McRae sdlg) x gold tetra McRae sdlg1x20Peggy NerdahlSOLD OUT
66-149Pink bud white gold (s60-125) x large white green aurelian (s89-113) 15-434x20Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
66-150RdV15-HT01 x AM-07/3228-311x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-151Short white trumpet 4', hand pollinated15x20Sandra-Pat Willis$2.00
66-152Tall yellow trumpet, good stem, 5'-7', hand pollinated14x20Peter Schieman$2.00
66-153Tet. 014-1 (med. dark solid pink) x sel. lt. pink sdlgs. & reciprocal60x20Robert Griesbach$2.00
66-154Tet. Grand Canyon x BA Pink33x20Joe Nemmer$2.00
66-155Tet. Lemon, large flared sel. sdlgs x large heavy yellow sdlg 27x20Robert Griesbach$2.00
66-156Tet. Mixed trumpets18x20Joe Nemmer$2.00
66-157Tet. White/pink picotee sel. sdlgs intercrossed65x20Robert Griesbach$2.00
66-158Tet. White/lt. yellow center sel. sdlgs, ruffled x 014-1 (med. dark solid pink) Note: seed parents are of L. regale decent via 3 generations of line breeding25x20Robert Griesbach$2.00
66-159Tet. Yellow/pink picotee sel. sdlgs intercrossed48x20Robert Griesbach$2.00
66-160(Tropical Isle x Roy's Select) x mixed BH pollen2x20Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
66-161White w/violet-pink picotee 4N x another similar 4N trumpet 20151145x20Jim Ault$2.00
66-162White w/yellow center (07-410) x cream yellow heavy red markings (s62-124) 15-754x20.Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
66-163White w/yellow center (07-410) x pink white yellow + flecks (s62-134) 15-854x20Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
66-164Yellow henryi "Star" Alan Mitchell, Scotland x Jim Ault Yellow henryi "Ypsilanti" look-alike from Eddie McRae, thought to be "Ypsilanti"10x20Charlie KroellSOLD OUT
66-165Yellow w/purple rev. small x white w/large yellow throat w/purple rev. recurved20x20Paul Carter$2.00
66-166Yellow w/purple rev. large x white w/large yellow throat w/purple rev. recurved20x20Paul Carter$2.00
66-167Yosemite strain1x20Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
66-168T.A. Havermeyer x White Henryi ( same cross as Woodriff's "Black Heart White" 1955)10x20Michael HomickSOLD OUT