Seed Exchange – Division 2

NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.


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Division 2

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
27-101Dalhansonii OP2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
27-102Fallen Angel x White martagons pollen mix2Frans OfficerSOLD OUT
27-103Hans Hansen pink seedling OP2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
27-104Inger Lise OP6Davids HercbergsSOLD OUT
27-105L. hansonii OP1Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
27-106L. Martagon v. cattaniae hairy x op – DH 21Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-107L. Martagon v. cattaniae x op – DH 5Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-108L. Martagon v. cevennes x op –DH 22Darm Crook
27-109L. Martagon v. dalmatieum x op – DH 13Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-110Lilium martagon Hybrid (pink & yellow)5Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
27-111Martagon hybrid “Paisley Hybrid” x op –DH 7Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-112Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-104 X D.E.H.1-139 – DH 9Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-113Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-114 x L. Martagon v. caucasicum 13Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-114Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-136 x op – These seeds are from a group of stems that all fasciated this year [X David’s Hercbergs fasciated seed pod] – DH 8Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-115Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-170 X D.E.H.1-62a – DH 3Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-116Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-227 x D.E.H.1-63 - DH4Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-117Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-63 x D.E.H.1-83 - DH 11Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-118Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-68a [orange] x op - DH 4Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-119Martagon hybrid D.E.H.1-76 x D.E.H.1-63 - DH3Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-120Martagon hybrid D.E.H.2-8b x D.E.H.1-165b – DH (18seeds)4Darm CrookSOLD OUT
27-121Martagon hybrid seed from various parents that both germinated as IH – will probably mainly germinate as DH.19Darm Crook
27-122Mixed OP martagons11Frans Officer
27-123Mrs. R. O. Backhouse OP2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
27-124My Perfect White OP4Davids HercbergsSOLD OUT
27-125OP seeds from F. O. seedlings and 'better' named hybrids14Frans Officer
27-126sdlg 28d Jauk4 OP2Davids HercbergsSOLD OUT
27-127sdlg T6 T3 OP dz2 zv OP3Davids HercbergsSOLD OUT
27-128Slate's Select x Dark Sugar, a sm. flwr, dk maroon sdlg, RHS reg. in 20172Frans OfficerSOLD OUT
27-129Slate's Select x Sassy Sandy2Frans OfficerSOLD OUT
27-130Megan Evans x Pleno1Brian BergmanSOLD OUT