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NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.

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Division 1 Seed From Previous Years

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
13-109Crimson Noble x Unknown red 1a6Forrest Peiper$1.00
13-110Crimson Noble x Saarturm2Forrest Peiper$1.00
13-111Crimson Noble x Yellow Magic1Forrest Peiper$1.00
13-113Div. 1 new seedlings 5 different6John LykkegaardSOLD OUT
13-121L. concolor20Bill Bauer$1.00
13-122L. dauricum x OP3Bill Bauer$1.00
13-126(L. davidii x L. tigrinum) x unmarked pollen8Fred Fellner$1.00
13-127L. davidii x OP11Bill Bauer$1.00
13-137new div 1 seedling x unknown5John Lykkegaard$1.00
13-146Showtime x OP13Brian Crye$1.00
13-152Tall red / orange (long pods) x deep red (wide petals)5Fred FellnerSOLD OUT
13-162Tiny Icon x Tiny Padhy11Brian Crye$1.00
13-163Tiny Spider x Tiny Ghost10Brian Crye$1.00
13-168Yellow with dark yellow nectary, large flowers 1a x mixed yellow/pastel with dark stems 1a1Victor DarelSOLD OUT
14-102(Doctor Yu x Alexis) OP2Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-10815-124 OP1Paul Machado$2.00
14-10915-137 OP5Paul Machado$2.00
14-1121ab deep red x deep red select pollen (small seed)11Fred Fellner$2.00
14-1141b small yellow x select pollen43Fred Fellner$2.00
14-126Crimson Noble x Cola11Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-127Crimson Noble x Dandy Lion3Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-128Crimson Noble x Sunrise Ridge2Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-133Fancy Nancy x pollen mix1Victor Darel$2.00
14-134Flying Wing x lost tag6Rimmer de Vries$2.00
14-135Gayle’s Favorite OP I(a/d)4Paige Woodward$2.00
14-137Grenadine Nod OP I 1Paige Woodward$2.00
14-138Hayride x Pink Champagne2Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-139Hnedka x OP2Rimmer de Vries$2.00
14-140Indian Brave x 07229-09 (Yellow Magic x L. wilsonii)2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
14-141Indian Brave x Summer Tan3Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-150Lillas OP I(b/-)2Paige Woodward$2.00
14-164Pink Champagne x Summer Tan3Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-165Pink Champagne x Yellow Star3Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-166pinkish bi-color with buff center x select pollen (west wall)14Fred Fellner$2.00
14-171Space Age x Miss Alice1Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-172Strawberries on Chocolate x Crimson Noble4Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-174tall peach pink with green nectary1Victor Darel$2.00
14-181Tet. best two 013 1a pure amber sdlgs intercrossed9Robert Griesbach$2.00
14-183Toyland OP5Forrest Peiper$2.00
14-186Yellow Star x 08216-05 (Yellow Magic x L. wilsonii)6Forrest Peiper$2.00
15-153BA Yellow Tiger x Gravity's Angel1Joe Nemmer$2.00
15-155Birgit x taller rose purple sdlg from Birgit1Rimmer deVries$2.00
15-156Blackout x Giraffe6Calvin HelsleySOLD OUT
15-166Giraffe x Blackout5Calvin HelsleySOLD OUT
15-175Lucky Knight, tough, red-orange spotted, 1ab x Valdisol2Art Evans$2.00
15-177Modra OP13Calvin Helsley$2.00
15-179Nals 17-252 (1a) ((Raspberry Butterfly x yellow 1c tango) x Saarturm) x (Citronella x Latvia) x Big Bang5Connie Williams.$2.00
15-182Night Flyer OP6Paige WoodwardSOLD OUT
15-185Nutcracker x Pearl Justine1Art Evans$2.00
15-188Summer Valley x London4Art Evans$2.00
15-193White Pixels x Purple Heart6Joe Nemmer$2.00
15-194Yellow Pixel x Giraffe6Calvin Helsley$2.00
15-195L. davidii x Lilium ‘Olina’2Jennifer Kerry$2.00