The Lilium Group on Yahoo – Join this group to share Lilium photos and lily knowledge from lily growers around the world.

Lilium Breeding A website developed to inform readers about commercial research and production of lilies and tulips in Wageningen, Holland.

The Genus Lilium is a lilium related site created by Dr. Markus Hohenegger.

The Digital Library Project – UC Berkeley has a site which has many wonderful lilium images, particularly western american species.

The Lily Gallery – A site with many wonderful lily pictures.

Art Evans’ hybridizing work – A web site with information about the hybridizing work of Art Evans.

Cascade Bulb and Seed web site – Visit Joe Halinar’s site where he has, among other things, an article on growing lilies from seed.

The Pacific Bulb Society has a site containing a large amount of information and images of various Lilium species.

Mike’s Backyard Garden is collection of many lily photos and other lily information.