Publication Samples

Publication Samples

We currently have a number of interesting sample Yearbook articles available for download.

A trio of articles about Lilium speciosum v. gloriosoides from the 2007 Yearbook. (2007 NALS Yearbook, 1.1 MB)

The lily leaf beetle (Lilioceris lilii): an unwelcome invader – An excellent introduction to the lily beetle. (2005 NALS Yearbook, pp. 29-34, 92 KB)

The Lily Species behind Today’s Hybrids: Part Three The “Gang of Five” – Describes Lilium lankongense, L. duchartrei, L. taliense, Lwardii, and L. papilliferum. (1983 NALS Yearbook, pp. 85-92, 3.9 MB)

The Lily Species behind Today’s Hybrids: Part Two Small-Flowered Asiatic Species – Describes Lilium pumilum, L. callosum, and L. concolor. (1983 NALS Yearbook, pp. 78-84, 3.7 MB)