Summer 2006


This "Martagons!" CD is dedicated to lily lovers everywhere. The CD is an attempt to collect as much information of the lily species, hybrids and seedlings that form Division II of the genus Lilium,  Martagon lilies. You will find over 300 photos of martagon species, named hybrids and seedlings that were grown and photographed by hobbyists from all over the world. We believe this is the largest collection of martagon images available anywhere. Written articles give information on martagon culture, seed-germination, and  hybridizing. We also list sources where bulbs and seeds can be purchased.

This CD is produced by North Star Lily Society (NSLS). The rights to this CD and all photos belong to the North Star Lily Society and the individuals who have contributed articles and photos. All rights are reserved; use without specific permission by both NSLS and the individual contributors is prohibited.