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NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.


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Division 6 Seed From Previous Years

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
63-108(66-425 Helsley upf yellow x Hearts Desire) x OP14John Rempel$1.00
63-115BA Pink x (BA Pink x EM Melon) 4n trumpet1Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
63-127Big white trumpet3John LykkegaardSOLD OUT
63-138dark yellow-apricot30Robert Griesbach$1.00
63-139E2..12.11 x E7..32.213Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-140E6…1.2 x E9…5.44Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-142E7..40.1 x E6…1.23Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-143E7..40.1 x E8..32.44Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-148E8..58.1 x E8…7.26Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-151E8…7.2 x E8..45.63Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-164HK3/03.42 x E7..22.31Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
63-166Hybrid trumpet mix7Darm Crook$1.00
63-170Ice Caves x (BA Pink x EM Melon) 4n trumpet1Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
63-193Misc Joe Hoell crosses x OP9John Rempel$1.00
63-194Misc Trumpet crosses x OP35John Rempel$1.00
63-195Mithras x OP7Rimmer de Vries$1.00
63-196Mixed trumpets25John Lykkegaard$1.00
63-197Moonlight Strain F25Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
63-201New trumpets - 1911John Lykkegaard$1.00
63-202New trumpets - 345John LykkegaardSOLD OUT
63-203New trumpets x ???? - 4312John Lykkegaard$1.00
63-204New trumpets x ???? - 4811John Lykkegaard$1.00
63-207Pink trumpet12Robert Griesbach$1.00
63-208Pink w/white x White w/pink picotee10Hilary Smith$1.00
63-232Tropical Garden x OP9Rimmer de Vries$1.00
63-234Trumpets from Nikolaj,s garden 232John LykkegaardSOLD OUT
63-236Violet trumpets, pink8John LykkegaardSOLD OUT
63-237Weiss Rosa x OP11Rimmer de Vries$1.00
63-238White w/green x Purple w/yellow star8Hilary Smith$1.00
63-239White w pale pink reverse x Purple w/yellow star13Hilary Smith$1.00
63-241White/yellow trumpet x mix pollen (L. sulphureum)52John Lykkegaard$1.00
63-247Yellow trumpets4Robert Griesbach$1.00
63-248Yellow Trumpets8John Lykkegaard$1.00
63-251Yellow/pink picotee6Robert Griesbach$1.00
64-10211G67 OP2Guntis Grants$2.00
64-10552 A (Martie x Craig Orange Aurelian) OP12Paul Machado$2.00
64-10869-158 ([CT5-10 (Sims hybrid)] x (Tropical Ilse x self)) OP3Paul Machado$2.00
64-115AM1619-A x CK06-HT08, hard to see embryos5Joe Nemmer$2.00
64-125Cognac x OP2Rimmer de Vries$2.00
64-132E8..24.1 x E8…7.11Jurgen Koch$2.00
64-133E8..30.7 x E8..17.115Jurgen Koch$2.00
64-134E8..46.1 x E8…9.121Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
64-139E8..48.2 x E8…8.12Jurgen Koch$2.00
64-140E8..50.1 x E8..10.31Jurgen Koch$2.00
64-144E8..59.6 x E8..17.114Jurgen Koch$2.00
64-157Katydid x Zlinanka1Calvin HelsleySOLD OUT
64-169Mixed aurelians9Rimmer de Vries$2.00
64-172O'Wata OP9Calvin Helsley$2.00
64-173Pink Perfection x High Stakes F212Robert Barnard$2.00
64-174Polyram OP11Calvin Helsley$2.00
64-175RD13-13 x lost tag2Rimmer de Vries$2.00
64-183Serena Green x Lost Tag14Rimmer de Vries$2.00
64-195Tet. Sifonia x Tet. Griesbach Gold1Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
64-201Upright white x pink pollen1Brian Bergman$2.00
64-202Vico Primrose yellow seedling- (think primrose yellow L. regale) x OP6Rimmer de Vries$2.00
64-203Whiska x Lost Tag7Rimmer de Vries$2.00
64-211Zlinanka x Buttercurls4Calvin Helsley$2.00
64-212Zlinanka x Medak13Calvin Helsley$2.00
64-213Zvonarka x Medak7Calvin Helsley$2.00
64-214Zvonarka x Solo5Calvin Helsley$2.00
65-104[[Golden Sunburst] x [Gold Eagle]] x deep orange Kroell henryi hybrid. Seed parent a lemon yellow bowl shaped Aurelian with dark brown exterior, pollen parent a starburst, deep orange Aurelian with very wide petals. For deeply colored Aurelians. 2N Aurelian6Jim Ault$2.00
65-108[L. rosthornii x L. henryi] x two different unrelated late blooming good yellow Aurelians, very late 2N Aurelian4Jim AultSOLD OUT
65-1114N orange Aurelian (NALS 64-105) x 4N Aurelian white with deep yellow throat and scalloped petal edges (NALS 64-106). 4N Aurelians2Jim Ault$2.00
65-119Bicolor trumpets from Herman Dierssen 2n trumpets4Joe Nemmer$2.00
65-120Black Heart crosses from Peter Schieman's Hybridizing Efforts26SW Gardens$2.00
65-1249P(Cacorka x Buttercurls) x 52F(Sims CT6-6 sdl)3Paul Machado$2.00
65-196Kroell 2N Aurelian (NALS #65-237) x Freda Willis, 2N Aurelian4Jim Ault$2.00
65-198L. henryi var. citrinum X [henryi x [henryi x UNO]]. Seed parent selected form, pollen parent deep orange henryi-like flowers with excellent papillae. Seed over 90% henryi genetics, sib to segregate flower colors. 2N Aurelian7Jim Ault$2.00
65-209L. regale hybrid8Melvyn Herbert$2.00
65-210L. rosthornii x L. rosthornii hybrid #3211Ole Larsen$2.00
65-212L. sargentiae cross x mix pollen #267Ole Larsen$2.00
65-215LF-1 (not original clone) x Martie1Rimmer deVries$2.00
65-227Light pink trumpet x mix pollen #1724Ole Larsen$2.00
65-229Louis XIV OP22Rimmer deVries$2.00
65-238Melon trumpet tall HP8Paige Woodward$2.00
65-246Mixed trumpets #3625Ole Larsen$2.00
65-247Mixed trumpets #3721Ole Larsen$2.00
65-248Mixed trumpets #3815Ole Larsen$2.00
65-249Mixed trumpets #3924Ole Larsen$2.00
65-267Nals 67-219 x Sinfonia, 4n cross5Connie Williams$2.00
65-268Orange x Pink Perfection7Stefan Illemann$2.00
65-269Pale Black Dragon type (Ice Caves x white Schaeffer tet.) x sargentiae like (white/pink edge x white/pink sdlg.) (Tet.)2Phil Adams$2.00
65-270Pale Black Dragon type (tet. white & yellow trumpets) x sargentiae like (white/pink edge x white/pink sdlg.) (Tet.)2Phil Adams$2.00
65-271Pink Perfection type w/orange throat 2n VI bc/a x Dziesna VI c/ab, creamy w/bright orange throat (Grants)5Guntis GrantsSOLD OUT
65-276Salutations OP3Rimmer deVries$2.00
65-278Sargentiae like (white/pink edge x white/pink sdlg.) x sargentiae like (Ice Caves x white Schaeffer tet.) (Tet.)6Phil Adams$2.00
65-281Sinfonia x Nals 67-219, 4n cross5Connie Williams$2.00
65-283Sol Verde x mixed pollen from S-W14Rimmer deVriesSOLD OUT
65-286Summer Palace x [‘Amethyst Temple’ x ‘Midnight’] cross of two dark purple trumpets. 2N trumpets11Jim AultSOLD OUT
65-287Summer Palace x mixed picotee trumpets. Seed parent dark purple trumpet, pollen from multiple plants derived from David Sims picotee [PPYF x T0B1]. Possibly dark picotees? 2N trumpets11Jim Ault$2.00
65-289Tall orange HT sib to Sol Verde x mixed pollen from S-W10Rimmer deVries$2.00
65-292Tet. Fanfare selection like sulpureum x sargentiae like (white/pink edge x white/pink sdlg.) (Tet.)3Phil Adams$2.00
65-293Tet. selected tet. pink sdlgs. x T014-1 (large, solid dark pink tet.)21Robert Griesbach$2.00
65-294Tet. selected tet. ruffled white/pink picotee sdlgs. x selected tet. ruffled white/pink picotee sdlgs.45Robert Griesbach$2.00
65-295Tet. selected tet. yellow/lavender picotee sdlgs. x selected tet. yellow/lavener picotee sdlgs.24Robert Griesbach$2.00
65-296Tet. selected tet. yellow/pink picotee sdlgs. x selected tet. yellow/pink picotee sdlgs.25Robert Griesbach$2.00
65-298Tet. W.H. hybrid, light yellow, OP #1410Ole Larsen$2.00
65-306Weiss x Pink Perfection11Stephan Illemann$2.00
65-307White (Fanfare x mixed whites) x tet. Fanfare selection "Block Wall White" (Tet.) (13 seeds)1Phil Adams$2.00
65-308White (Fanfare x tet. White Henryi) x sulfur yellow tet. (Cream tet. bowls w/gold centers) (Tet.)2Phil AdamsSOLD OUT
65-310White (tet. white & yellow trumpets) x tet. Fanfare selection "Block Wall White" (Tet.)2Phil Adams$2.00
65-311White sdlg. selfed8John Heinze$2.00
65-312White trumpet sdlg. x yellow trumpet sdlg. #93Ole LarsenSOLD OUT
65-313White trumpet tall HP7Paige Woodward$2.00
65-318White w/pink or green reverse intercrossed, 4n cross, med ht. ex Halinar7Connie Williams$2.00
65-339Yellow (Cream tet. bowls w/gold centers) x sib. (Tet.) 2Phil Adams$2.00
65-342Yellow sdlg. OP2John Heinze$2.00
65-343Yellow trumpet OP #4020Ole Larsen$2.00
65-344Yellow trumpet x mix pollen #3429Ole Larsen$2.00