Seed Exchange – Divisions 7 and 8

NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.

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Divisions 7 and 8

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
77-101L. speciosum pink F1 x Robin Brown (NR) exceptional full shaped pink F15Margaret LiddellSOLD OUT
77-102L. speciosum Robin Brown (NR) x good pink seedling5Margaret Liddell
77-103L. speciosum White x Robin Brown (NR), both full rounded F14Margaret LiddellSOLD OUT
77-104Summer's End x Papiljo3Connie WilliamsonSOLD OUT
87-101(Michael Darcy x nals) x ORLS Belle ??6Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-102[L. bulbiferum var. bulbiferum x L. szovitsianum] x L. pyrenaicum – DH 2Darm CrookSOLD OUT
87-10309-228 x 11-231 pink red OT, OT-234Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
87-104Age of Gold x Chevron OT sdlg1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-105Amarossi x 10-511 white pink OT, OT-502Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
87-106Big Orange x Awesome4Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-107Bowl-shaped Orange tet Aurelian x mixed OT white and yellow with red centers 20141328Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-108Bowl-shaped Orange tet Aurelian x very fertile yellow w/red center OT 2014117 6Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-109Bowl-shaped yellow tet trmpt x very fertile yellow w/red center OT 20141394Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-110Deep lemon yellow tet trmpt x very fertile yellow w/red center OT 20141733Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-111Esta Bonita x 10-511 whitepink OT, OT-584Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
87-112Friso x tetra trumpet tetra OT mix1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-113Garden Affair x Robert Griesbach (18s)1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-114Garden Affair x tetra Black Beauty1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-123L. monadelphum x (L. x hollandicum x L. monadelphum)–DH 4Darm CrookSOLD OUT
87-124L. monadelphum x L. pyrenaicum ssp. ponticum – DH5Darm CrookSOLD OUT
87-125Lg. full chartreuse tet trmpt x two very fertile yellow OT w/red center 20151189Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-126Lg. full deep lemon yellow OT x lg full chartreuse tet trmpt 20161072Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-127Mister Cas OP1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-128Mussassi x OT-133-10 1Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-129Nals-1-87-169 x pinks (18 seeds)4Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-130New Yosemite strain (white w/yellow outside tet trmpt) x very fertile yellow w/red center OT 20151129Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-131Niagara's Pride x Princess Charlotte (17 seeds)3Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-132Northern Dazzle OP2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
87-133ORLS Belle OP9Brian Bergman
87-134Ortega x 10-511 white pink OT, OT-452Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
87-135Ortega x 11-231 pink red OT, OT-264Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
87-136OT-153-10 OP4Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-137OT-3-07 trumpet like x pinks6Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-138OT-3-07 x Playtime and Red Oriental1Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-139Pink Tricolor OP, Summer Dawn near by (19 seeds)4Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-140Saltarello x very fertile yellow w/red center OT 2014115 7Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-141Salterello x White Amber1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-142Sarabande like OT x 20 diff. Griesb. tet trmpts and OTs wide diversity 201614717Jim Ault
87-143Silk Road x large full chartreuse tet trmpt 20141142Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-144Silk Road x two diff. large flowered white with tricolor interior Ots 20141294Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-145Sister sdlg to Northern Carillon x OT-133-10 (12 seeds)2Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-146Sizzle x Miss Libby & a Robert Griesbach OT sdlg of similar color (18 seeds)3Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
87-147SS-1-06 x Peaches on Chocolate (13 seeds)2Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-148Summer Dawn OP6Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-149Tet OT mixed22Robert Griesbach
87-150Tet OT, lt. lemon w/red center and violet outside x Rising Moon (yellow w/pink picotee, tet. trmpt) 20160734Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-151White w/yellow inside OT x very fertile yellow w/red center OT 20141552Jim AultSOLD OUT
87-152BA Pink x Passion Moon4Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
87-153Palazzo x OT-133-101Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-154Passion Moon x BA White (13 seeds)2Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
87-155OT-180-10 x Tristar ORLS (14 seeds)2Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-156Santini x Promiscuous (12 seeds)2Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
87-157Sister seedling to Northern Carillon x OT-133-101Brian BergmanSOLD OUT