Seed Exchange – Division 9

NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

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Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.


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Division 9

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
97-101[{L. bulbiferum v. croceum x v. bulbiferum} x v. chaixii] x var. bulbiferum – DH 5Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-102[L. amabile var. luteum x amabile] both excellent forms, sib to segregate yellow 20130418Jim Ault
97-103[L. amabile x amabile var. luteum] both excellent forms, sib to segregate yellow 201302910Jim Ault
97-104[L. henryi selected upright form x henryi var. citrinum] x henryi var. citrinum. 50/50 org to yell? Sel. yellows w/strong stems 20152044Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-105L. akkusianum (10 seeds)3Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-106L. amabile sibbing of selected orange forms 201302529Jim Ault
97-107L. amabile x L. amabile var. luteum. Selected forms. Sib to segregate yellow 20140298Jim Ault
97-108L. amabile x L. amabile. Both parents selected forms. Orange 201403010Jim Ault
97-109L. bulbiferum var. bulbiferum – DH 18Darm Crook
97-110L. bulbiferum var. chaixii x L. bulbiferum v. bulbiferum – DH 15Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-111L. bulbiferum var. croceum – red form – mainly DH some IH 18Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-112L. canadense crimson – DH11Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-113L. canadense orange – DH – various genetic parents17Darm Crook
97-114L. canadense red – DH 5Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-115L. canadense var. flavum - DH3Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-116L. candidum, Cascade strain6Paul MachadoSOLD OUT
97-117L. cernuum4Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-118L. columbianum near Crescent City, CA20Michael Norberry
97-119L. davidii [org x yel variant] x Sib. pollen from a plant sltd by Ed McRae looked like a yellow L. davidii. Sib to seg yellow L. davidii and share! 201309513Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-120L. davidii var. unicolor (short, few spots) x davidii var. wilmottiae (tall, willowy, long pedicels). Sib to seg traits 201405510Jim Ault
97-121L. davidii var. unicolor x davidii [org x yel variant] All 3 parents true L. davidii, sib and slt different colors and forms 20130969Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-122L. davidii var. unicolor x same, compact, lt. blooming, nearly spotless 20151017Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-123L. duchartrei – IH 9Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-124L. henryi (tall upright form x compact upright form) 201322812Jim Ault
97-125L. henryi compact upright form x henryi tall upright form. Orange. Strong stems 20152088Jim Ault
97-126L. henryi compact upright form x henryi var. citrinum Ypsi form 20152319Jim Ault
97-127L. henryi compact upright x henryi var. citrinum Ypsi form 20161748Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-128L. henryi tall upright form x henryi var. citrinum deep lemon yellow 201518216Jim Ault
97-129L. henryi tall upright form x L. henryi var. citrinum Ypsi form 201516016Jim Ault
97-130L. henryi var. citrinum (lt. yellow orange) x henryi var citrinum Ypsi form (lt. yellow) 20152055Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-131L. henryi var. citrinum Ypsi form x two diff. L. henryi var. citrinum yellow w/some orange blush 201515916Jim Ault
97-132L. kelloggii – IHC, embryos very hard to see5Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-133L. kelloggii near Kneeland, CA22Michael NorberrySOLD OUT
97-134L. lankongense – IH 27Darm Crook
97-135L. leucanthum (RHS 2011-080) X L. leucanthum (RHS 2011-082) 9Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
97-136L. martagon 'Pink'3Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-137L. martagon var. cattaniae2Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-138L. monadelphum var. szovitsianum5Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-139L. pardalinum, wild collected from Shasta County, California10Paul MachadoSOLD OUT
97-140L. philadelphicum wild collected Alberta, Canada Hwy 761 up to past Preacher's Point, Hwy 11 west12Linda FoulisSOLD OUT
97-141L. pitkinense10Paul MachadoSOLD OUT
97-142L. pumilum [Golden Gleam x Yellow Bunting] x sib. Hopefully yellow segregates out 201604210Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-143L. pyrenaicum ssp. ponticum v. artvenense – DE 20Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-144L. pyrenaicum ssp. ponticum with dark purple nectary zone- DE 6Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-145L. pyrenaicum ssp. ponticum with green nectary zone – DE 13Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-146L. pyrenaicum ssp. ponticum x L. pyrenaicum- DE 7Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-147L. regale 13Forrest Peiper
97-148L. rhodopaeum garden grown (10 seeds)26Leif FranssonSOLD OUT
97-149L. rosthornii (good plant, green nectaries) x L. rosthornii (good, very short plant black nectaries) 47Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
97-150L. rosthornii (very strong plant, black nectaries, very late flower) x L. rosthornii (good plant, green nectaries) 23Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
97-151L. rosthornii (very strong plant, black nectaries, very late flower) x L. rosthornii (good, very short plant black nectaries) 17Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
97-152L. rosthornii (very strong plant, black nectaries, very late flower) x L. rosthornii (nectaries between green and black) 57Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
97-153L. rosthornii (very strong plant, black nectaries, very late flower) x L. rosthornii (John Lykkegard seed, very strong black nectary) 72Jurgen KochSOLD OUT
97-154L. shastense, wild collected in Siskiyou County, California5Michael HomickSOLD OUT
97-155L. shastense, wild collected, superior plant w/19 buds in Siskiyou Co., Calif.6Michael HomickSOLD OUT
97-156L. sulphureum x sib, true species, from Chen Yi, not hardy in Zone 5 or colder, Last of my seed. Late blooming 2006258 (16 seeds)5Jim AultSOLD OUT
97-157L. superbum32William Holbrook
97-158L. superbum2Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-159L. wardii6Mel HerbertSOLD OUT
97-160L. washingtonianum ssp. purpurascens near Orick, CA20Michael Norberry
97-161L. Martagon v. album – DH – These seeds were collected from parents that both germinated as IH. 13Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-162L. Martagon v. cattaniae hairy – DH 4Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-163L. Martagon v. cattaniae x L. Martagon v. dalmatieum – DH 8Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-164L. Martagon v. cevennes - DH 19Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-165L. Martagon v. dalmatieum – DH 5Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-166L. Martagon v. dalmatieum x L. Martagon v. cattaniae – DH 6Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-167L. Martagon v. somiedo – DH 12Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-168L. Martagon v. somiedo x L. Martagon v. caucasicum – DH 11Darm CrookSOLD OUT
97-169L. lankongense2Joe NemmerSOLD OUT
07-101Cardiocrinum cordatum 'Red Form' (10 seeds)13Mel HerbertSOLD OUT