Seed Exchange – Division 1

NALS 2017 Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is open to all NALS members at this time. If you are not a current member, please visit our Membership Page and join so you can place an order!

Please read all of the instructions before placing an order. There is a 1 packet limit for any individual seed number. The limit for 2017 seed is 30 seed packets. There are no limits on previous seed.


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Division 1

Pod Parent
Pollen Parent
17-101(Citronella x Latvia) x Tasmania 2n cross4Connie WilliamsonSOLD OUT
17-102(Cupid’s Gift x Nutmegger) x (Crimson Noble x Yellow Magic)2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-103(Cupid’s Gift x Nutmegger) x cream seedling2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-104(L. davidii x Doctor Yu) x (Crimson Noble x Cola)4Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-105(River Rouge x Peachy Keen) x (Dolly Madison x Griesbach white tetra)4Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-106[Honey Queen x [leichtlinii x Doeskin] x Ambrosia diploid, expect light pastels 20140469Jim AultSOLD OUT
17-107[L. amabile X 98-21-1](looks like amabile luteum) X L. amabile. Will look like an improved amabile. Sib to segregate yellow 20140313Jim AultSOLD OUT
17-108[L. amabile X 98-21-1](yellow) X [maximowiczii x amabile var. luteum](orange) should be 50/50 orange and yellow 20160665Jim Ault
17-109[Pearl Stacey x mixed peach-colored 4N Asiatics] 20131093Jim AultSOLD OUT
17-110['Peerlissa' x pumilum] x pumilum pumilum-like w/some pastels from carotene inhibitor 2013007 6Jim AultSOLD OUT
17-1111a tetra orange, fawn, white mix x 1a tetra white5Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
17-1121a tetra orange, fawn, white mix x 1a/b tetra reds5Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
17-1131a tetra orange, fawn, white mix x tetra tri colors6Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
17-1141a tetra white x 1a tetra white6Jeff StillerSOLD OUT
17-1151a/b tetra rose tones x same7Jeff Stiller
17-116August Ruby x Yellow Blaze4Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-117Blushed Peach x Claire3Forrest Peiper
17-118Blushed Peach x Tropical Dream5Forrest Peiper
17-119Cafe Noir x 09-306 Cream white / orange big spots, AS-386Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
17-120Candleflame x Indian Princess2Forrest Peiper
17-121Chippewa Star x (Crimson Noble x Cola)4Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-122Crimson Noble x Miss Alice2Forrest Peiper
17-123Crimson Noble x My Joe Ann4Forrest Peiper
17-124Crimson Noble x Yellow Magic2Forrest Peiper
17-125Doctor Yu x (Crimson Noble x Yellow Magic)2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-126Easy Waltz x Finally1Tracey NelsonSOLD OUT
17-127George Slate x Crimson Noble4Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-128Jeff Stiller tetra red x ((River Rouge x Super Nova) x (Dolly Madison x Griesbach wh. tet))2Forrest Peiper
17-129L. amabile (org) X ['Callie' x amab. luteum] x [pum. x amab. luteum](yellow) 20160522Jim AultSOLD OUT
17-130L. pumilum (Gldn. Gleam x Yel. Bunting) X ((Peerlissa x pumilum) x pumilum) yel/or, seg. yel/org, pastels, pumilum-likes 201300511Jim Ault
17-131Lime Ice x (Crimson Noble x Cola)2Forrest Peiper
17-132Miss Alice x Yellow Magic2Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-133My Joe Ann x Amethyst Topaz (12 seeds)2Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
17-134My Joe Ann x Finally (10 seeds)2Brian BergmanSOLD OUT
17-135Orange-red 1A to 1B tet Griesbach Asiatics 20130996Jim Ault
17-136Purple Eye x 09-306 Cream white / orange big spots, AS-376Hank ZiukoSOLD OUT
17-137Sunrise Ridge x (Crimson Noble x Cola)1Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-138Sweet Irene x (Dolly Madison x Griesbach white tetra)3Forrest PeiperSOLD OUT
17-139Tet pink x pink, 1a19Robert Griesbach
17-140Purple Life x Finally1Brian BergmanSOLD OUT